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Top 10 Reasons to Apply:
as suggested by former students


The Swedish Program is small, but we are affiliated with the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) -- an internationally acclaimed university. It is the best of both worlds. We get attention from a great staff, but also get to benefit from all the opportunities of being part of a larger university. SSE students are in some of our courses and we can participate in the university's wide array of clubs and activities. We are not dropped off at some large university with no support, nor are we isolated in a building with just other Americans.


Besides it being a great program, The Swedish Program's affiliation with such a prestigious university -- the Stockholm School of Economics -- has strengthened my resume. It has already helped me land a great summer internship and it will eventually help me get a good job.


The staff and faculty are great, both professional and friendly. You really get the chance to know them.


Stockholm is the hidden gem of Europe – it is fun, safe, beautiful, and sophisticated.


The housing is amazing – the apartments are nice and the host and contact families will do so much for their students.


We are the only American undergraduates in the city – we even get a chance to go to the Nobel Prize Ceremony.


We get a chance -- if we win a student lottery -- to go to the Nobel Prize Ceremony!


It is so easy to find things to do – it seems as though there is always things going on: concerts, sporting events, theater, clubs, festivals, etc.


Two one - week vacations each semester allowing us to travel wherever we decide to go.


It is interesting to live in a country where the quality of life is ranked so high globally. Sweden was recently ranked third among 104 countries that were evaluated in terms of their level of economic prosperity, quality of life, and commitment to individual freedom and democracy. (The 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index)


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